We’re Your Favorite Professional Organizers AND Move Management Experts!

We’re Your Favorite Professional Organizers AND Move Management Experts! 1536 1024 Shannon Hruska

We are move management experts, there we said it! Our team of professional organizers have been helping clients plan, purge, prepare, pack & unpack for decades.

So what does 2B Organized® help our clients do? We do it all! We’ve all moved, right? Moving with our team of experts is FAR better than grabbing your closest friends with trucks, a few pizzas & a 6-pack.  Actually that sentence should convince you but if you need more information: Why should you hire 2B Organized® for your next move?

2B Organized® manages all the moving planning for you.

Everyone knows that managing the logistics of a big move is a full time job, to say the least. Hiring movers, decluttering before your move, purchasing packing materials, packing, unpacking, disposing of packing materials…that’s a lot to get done! Especially if you’re working, taking care of your family & buying/selling/renting homes at the same time. 

2B Organized® partners with local movers that are thoroughly vetted with 5 star reviews.  

We also communicate with & lead the whole team on moving day. Let me tell you, nothing is better than watching 2B Organized® Founder & CEO, Betsy Miller, lead a team on moving day. It’s like watching a conductor lead an orchestra! And don’t forget that she’s trained our entire team! 

2B Organized® manages all the moving prep too! 

We purchase all packing materials for the move.  We also work with you decluttering your home before the packing begins. Why pack & move items that you no longer need or want? Our decluttering services will help you rid your home of all unwanted items. We’ll even donate it and/or trash it for you.  

We are packing pros! 

Okay, this may seem like a given after all the information above but we are seriously packing pros! After managing hundreds of moves across the country, we have created the best formula for packing. Everything from your beloved china, precious artwork or your heaviest books, we know all the best methods for packing your items in boxes safely. Whether you’re moving across the country or down the street, our formula is the same every time!

The best part? We are UNpacking pros! 

Now, here is where we really shine! For your first night in your new home, we’ve got fresh sheets for your beds & each family member’s essentials in the first unpacked box so that everyone (even you’re 4-legged family members!) can settle right in. Once unpacking starts, we will implement organizational systems, find a place for everything, refine your closets & pantry so that your new home is completely set up for you. After only a few days in your new home, you’ll feel like you barely moved at all. 

We take away all the trash after the move!

My least favorite part of moving? Dealing with the garage full of boxes & packing trash after all the unpacking is done. 2B Organized® will take it ALL away for you! Talk about full service!

So, are you ready to hire 2B Organized® for your next move? Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s a few reviews from some of our amazing clients:

Karlee made the move to our new home so easy, so flawless, so seamless. She came to our previous home, took inventory of everything we intended to move & planned how everything would fit into our new residence. Imagine our surprise when we walked into our new home with everything we owned, unpacked, organized & labeled! And…that’s not all! Our refrigerator was fully stocked with groceries! Everyone needs a Karlee! She is a true professional & a lovely person. –Shelbi Bennett

Professional, knowledgeable & extremely talented at packing, unpacking & organizing. Betsy & her team saved us during a last minute move. She was really incredible, & I can’t wait to continue having her on a scheduled basis to keep things neat & organized. – Marcy Greenwade

I LOVE KRISSY! You guys, we literally relocated to KC for a job in 13 days with three kids & two dogs. There is no way I could have survived it without 2B Organized® Kansas City! Top notch service every step of the way. – Renee Steele

Are you planning for your next move? Contact your favorite move management experts to help you. Our team of professional organizers can’t wait to work with you!