LOVE your Home: Organized Pantry Edition

LOVE your Home: Organized Pantry Edition 2560 1705 Shannon Hruska

An organized pantry can truly make your whole house hum. When every member of your family can easily find snacks, pull out items for dinner & put groceries away, your life is better (for real though)!

Our clients have the most beautiful homes that we get to organize & perfect (we are so lucky!) but our organizers really know how to enhance these incredible homes with beautiful products & attainable organization systems. Here are a few recent projects that we can’t stop staring at:

The Black Pantry

Shelby Brandon, owner of 2B Organized® Denver, designed & organized this pantry for a client that literally blew all of our minds. It helps that she started with a jaw dropping blank slate. The dark, moody paint. The gorgeous built-ins. We’re swooning!

Shelby chose bamboo products for this pantry & it was such a fabulous choice. The bamboo stands out against the dark, moody paint & gives this pantry a high-end luxury look that we absolutely love. Baskets & bins in a similar color are mixed in to provide closed storage for linens & other items. 

The cereal bar is a thing of dreams!! When I was in college the cafeteria had a cereal bar & it was AMAZING. This is the PRETTY version of the cafeteria cereal bar! Pro Tip: Generic labels allow the client to purchase different categories of cereal (fruity, frosted, cocoa, etc.) instead of the same brand over & over.

The Decorative Pantry

This next pantry is so pretty that it shouldn’t be behind closed doors. The open shelving, the beautiful accessories, the gold accents! I’m swooning all over again. Karlee Alves, owner of 2B Organized® Sacramento, organized this beauty for a client in Northern California. The client’s most loved items are decanted into simple glass jars with wooden lids. Pro Tip: Karlee skipped the labels on the side of the jars for a clean look. All the labels are on the bottom of each jar, just in case the client needs a reminder.

Leaving the counters clear as a workspace with a few small appliances is so smart. There’s enough space to do light prep or set something down. The corners are utilized perfectly with both pretty & practical items.

The Wallpapered Pantry

Oh my goodness, this one!! Kari Moore, owner of 2B Organized® Austin, organized this beautiful pantry.

Let’s get this out of the way, obviously we LOVE the wallpaper but look past that at the great bones of this pantry. Removing the doors off the lower cabinets is genius! It made space for visible storage that is reachable by every member of the family. This client knows everything that’s in their pantry at a quick glance. The acrylic storage fades into the background making for easy sight lines of what is being stored.

Kari used baskets on the upper wood shelves to hide all the items that this client isn’t using everyday. Decorative pieces are mixed in which makes the space so pretty (pretty & practical!). Kari set her clients up for success. This pantry system is intuitive & easy to maintain.

An Organized Pantry is All About Maintenance

The BEST part of each of these pantries is that our team of organizers created systems that the clients can easily maintain. Organization begins with a system. Staying organized requires maintenance of that system. The systems created for these clients is easily maintained every time they come home from the store. Everything has a place which makes staying organized a no brainer!

Are you ready for the pantry of your dreams? Our team of professional organizers are experts in choosing the right products, decluttering the space & setting up organizational systems for every client & every space. With locations across the country, we are prepared to help you make your space more functional, practical & easy to maintain. Contact us today for your consultation!

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