Care for your Home with our Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

Care for your Home with our Annual Home Maintenance Checklist 1800 1200 Shannon Hruska

Hi! Shannon here, Executive Director of 2B Organized®. Over the past few years, I’ve learned so much about all the little stuff that goes into maintaining your home from the amazing professional organizers that I work alongside & I wanted to share some insight. After renting for 16 years, my husband & I finally took the plunge into home ownership a few years ago. While I love having my name on the mortgage, I never realized how much time went into maintaining a home. I’m talking about the little chores that you only do once or twice annually. The tedious things that are hard to remember.

Do you even remember the last time you changed your furnace filter or cleaned your oven hood fan? How dirty do think your ducts are? Our handy dandy Annual Home Maintenance Checklist is just what you need to remind yourself to complete all the important home maintenance tasks around your home. From cleaning your gutters to inspecting your roof, this list reminds you of everything you need to do to keep your house humming. 

Remembering to Use the List Every Month 

Okay, you’ve got the Annual Home Maintenance Checklist. How do you remember to use it?? Tuck it into your calendar! Once you complete the current month, move the list to the next month so you’ll see it as soon as you turn to the next month. OR you could even write each chore in the Notes/2 Do section of each month. 

Not into physical calendars? Add reminders to your digital calendar! Add each monthly list to the first day or weekend of each month. When you see that reminder come up, take the time to complete each job. 

Take the Time to Complete Every Task

There are a few instances where you might need an hour or two to get everything done. Most months, these items will only take you 15-20 minutes to complete though. Take some time, cross everything off the list for the month & enjoy the feeling of accomplishment of caring for your home! 

Do you Need Help Organizing your Home?

Do you struggle to get these little items & more done around your house yourself? Are you overwhelmed by all the things on your 2 Do List? Maybe 2B Organized® can help! Organizing & streamlining brings a sense of calm to your home which will allow you to utilize your spaces to their fullest potential. Simplifying has been proven to increase productivity & reduce stress. Let us help you get your home organized in 2023! 

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