Shannon Hruska
Shannon Hruska 2B Organized Executive Director
Executive Director

Shannon Hruska

Meet Shannon Hruska, Executive Director for 2B Organized®! With more than 10 years of marketing, design, and web design experience, Shannon is the perfect addition to the 2B Organized® team. From designing the 2B marketing materials and website to keeping everyone up-to-date technologically, Shannon helps keep everyone on the 2B team organized behind the scenes so that they can focus on their clients and successfully run their businesses.

Like everyone on the 2B team, Shannon comes by her obsession with organizing naturally. She color coded her closet at young age, has always loved a good drawer organizer and has constantly striven to create a home that is Pretty & Practical. This has been especially necessary because she has moved 10 times in the last 14 years! Organized spaces and minimalism made all those moves less stressful so she could tackle them with confidence.

The latest move took her from her hometown of Springfield, MO, to Colorado Springs, CO, in the front range of the Rocky Mountains. It was absolutely fate that she was connected with Betsy Miller and Karlee Alves the day after this big move and the rest is history! She jumped in feet first and knew immediately that she had found her tribe. Working as the 2B Organized® Executive Director with the incredible 2B team was totally meant 2B!

Shannon lives in Colorado Springs, CO, with her husband, dog, and cat. In her free time, you’ll find her DIYing her way through her first home that isn’t a rental, exploring the mountains just 15 minutes away, or relaxing in her favorite spot in her house—her backyard hammock with the perfect view of Pikes Peak.


Fun Facts!

  • Nature is my happy place. Hiking in the woods, floating down a river, hitting the trails on my mountain bike…I’m happiest when I’m outside.
  • I’m always 15 minutes early. Showing up on time means that I’m late.
  • There’s no DIY I won’t attempt. My grandpa taught me how to use tools at a very young age and it gave me the courage to try anything!

Organizing Hacks

  • I stay organized in my work from home life by batch working. This means that I save all like tasks to work on at once. It keeps me more focused and means that I produce higher quality work.
  • Containers, containers, containers! It’s the best way to corral things so that everything is contained and easy to find.

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