Prepare your Guest Room for Holiday Guests

Prepare your Guest Room for Holiday Guests 2560 1707 Betsy Miller

There’s nothing better than feeling at home when you’re away from home. When you’re expecting guests, take time to prepare your guest room for visitors in a way that will show them how honored you are to host them in your home. Of course, you want to provide the obvious: a clean & uncluttered room with a comfy, cozy bed. But how can you go even further to provide a stay that feels luxurious & welcoming? Elevate your guest’s experience with our tips below!

Provide ALL the Essentials!

Fill a cute basket or bin with toiletries your guests might need. Shampoo, conditioner & toothpaste are all good things to start with. Want to go the extra mile? Provide chapstick & eye drops if you live in a dry climate. Does your guest wear glasses? Leave some eyeglass cleaner & a nice cloth to clean them in the bedside table. Place an extra hair dryer in the bathroom. Think about all the items that you don’t want to throw in your suitcase for every trip & provide them for your guests.

Provide a Nice, Clean Space

Wash all linens in DIVA by Glamorous Wash. This scent is life changing & will elevate your guest room to luxury level instantly! I use this product for all my linens & every single guest comments on it before they leave. You can even buy a sample size to send home with them. Trust me, they’re going to want this laundry soap in their life immediately!

Give them Extras!

Stock the bedside table with extra phone chargers, a flashlight (just in case!) & a local magazine for them to read before bed. Add a note that tells them where to find extra blankets & towels if they need them. Leave a note with the WiFi password too! These little extras are game changers in making your guests feel welcome.

Make it THEIR Space for the Weekend

Make sure the closet is clear & nice hangers are available. This will make your guests feel like they can settle in & call your guest room home during their visit. 

Don’t forget the Snacks!

Set up a tray with water & favorite snacks in a stylish decanter or treasured bowl (YES, use your treasures!!!). They’ll be so happy to have a little something to snack on when the midnight snack need hits. 

Bring in some Fresh Flowers

A beautiful vase of fresh flowers will make the space feel even more special & welcoming. It’s the cherry on top of the sundae that makes your guest room the most popular place to stay in town!

Ready to prepare your guest room? Need some help creating a beautiful, welcoming space? Contact us or find a 2B Organized® location near you! We can’t wait to help you get your space prepped for guests & more!