De-stressing the Decluttering!

De-stressing the Decluttering! 2560 1703 Shannon Hruska
Declutter your Home with the help of a Professional Organizer

Look, we get it. Tackling the project in the first place is hard but it’s even harder to manage your emotions & stress while actually doing the project. Sometimes we feel more like therapists than professional organizers because we are so accustomed to helping our clients manage the stress of ridding their home of unnecessary items. 

De-stressing the Decluttering is Hard!

So, how do we do it? How do we help you quell the stress, stop the nagging feeling that you might need something later, & ditch the overwhelming feeling of guilt for purging items?? Here are a few of our best tips to reach optimal calm before, during, & after your organizing session with us. 

Reframe your Stress

It’s not the thought of getting rid of things that is stressing you out. It’s the clutter that is stressing you out. Disorganized spaces create a cluttered mind. As you purge & get things organized, you’ll notice a weight lift off your shoulders. Enter the process knowing that your home (& your mind!) will feel lighter when you’re done!

Don’t call it decluttering. Call it simplifying!

Your clutter might be useful to another person. While simplifying your own home, you are mindfully passing an item on to someone who can use it. We once helped a client simplify their kitchen & they were able to completely furnish their niece’s first apartment with all of their cast offs. Now, that client has a more efficient kitchen & their niece is starting out with a great kitchen at no cost! Simplification at its finest!

Prepare to pass off the decision if you’re overwhelmed.

Decluttering requires a lot of decision making. All those choices can weigh on you making you want to quit. That’s where we come in! As professional organizers, we are masters of culling belongings & determining what needs to be kept, donated, or trashed. If you’re overwhelmed, take a moment to leave the room, center yourself & trust in us. Chances are, we’ll just be tossing the ratty t-shirt we found at the bottom of the dresser or the 34th plastic fork we’ve found in the back of the cabinet.

Ditch the guilt!

Just because you’ve had something for years & moved it to 3 homes does not mean that you need to continue keeping it! Rather than feeling bad about purging an item. Take the time to feel good about the space that is being left behind. Releasing that guilt will make the process even better. 

The result? More space in your mind, your home, & your heart. AND space is a good thing! Just promise us that you won’t go filling that space back up. Seriously, you better not! 

Feeling ready to tackle your next big project yet? Contact your favorite professional organizers to start your simplifying journey! We can’t wait to work with you.