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Betsy Miller is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of 2B Organized®, which was started in 1997 in Springfield, MO. She not only oversees the company as a whole, she also runs her own location which is where it all started. Betsy likes to reference that she was country when country wasn’t cool. She had the vision for this company long before things like Pinterest, social media, & the show Hoarders were even around.

Over the last 23+ years, (yes, she’s the OG of organizing!) Betsy has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of clients declutter, demolish, & design their spaces to reflect a simplified space that is pretty & practical. She has an eye for detail with a positive attitude for helping her clients “lighten their load.” Her willingness to help has always been a personality trait that has endeared her to others.

Her organizing style & approach have definitely changed over the years. Something that has never changed is her commitment to helping her clients let go of the clutter. She is always saying, “less is more, let it GO!”  She’s also been know to say things like…

    • The 80’s called, they want their shoulder pads back.
    • Your rock “collection” would look great in a creek bed.
    • Your kids don’t want your stuff, they want money.

Those are just a few examples of the REAL talk you’ll get when working with Betsy!

Betsy has progressively added value to the services offered at 2B Organized®. When she saw a need or something that clients were asking for, she started including these to the growing number of services that once only consisted of home organization.

She still, after all these years, can’t wait to go to work everyday. Betsy truly LOVES what she does for a living & that’s a huge part of why she franchised her company. She wanted others to experience the benefits of being an entrepreneur & getting paid to do something they are passionate about.

Betsy volunteered for 25 years in her community. She worked tirelessly for many charitable endeavors in 417 land.  She officially retired from volunteering when she turned 50 but certainly still serves in a mentoring & consulting capacity as well as supporting many local charities financially. (See Betsy’s Executive Team bio for more about her achievements & community involvement)

Her passion now is building her dream home with her husband Randy at their oasis known as Dixie Hill Farm in rural Missouri. Betsy’s love of her dogs is unwavering as well as her love of all animals. She will always be an 80’s girl at heart with an eye for Bon Jovi & George Strait. Betsy is a 4th generation Springfieldian. Her family has strong ties in the music industry which explains her love of music.

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