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Karlee Alves is the co-owner of 2B Organized® and franchise owner of 2B Organized® Sacramento. She absolutely loves her work, in fact her passion for organizing and entrepreneurial spirit started at a very young age!

Karlee vividly remembers visiting her friends’ homes as a kid and reorganizing kitchens, pantries, laundry rooms, and bedrooms (#favoritehouseguest). She also rearranged and organized her own bedroom frequently, down to color-coding her closet. Growing up, Karlee also loved watching Martha Stewart, Trading Spaces, and The Apprentice. It’s obvious to see that business and home organization have always been in Karlee’s blood.

With dreams of owning her own business one day, Karlee pursued and graduated with a degree in Business Finance from California State University, Sacramento. Karlee’s first entrepreneurial venture was owning and operating her own insurance agency, but in 2018, Karlee realized she wasn’t doing work she loved. After hours of researching the exciting and growing home organizing industry, Karlee found 2B Organized®. Eventually, Karlee became a co-owner and opened her location in Sacramento. She hasn’t looked back since.

Today, Karlee resides in El Dorado Hills with her husband and business partner John, who owns John Alves Real Estate Group and is also a co-owner of 2B Organized®. Together, they have three beautiful daughters. In Karlee’s free time, she enjoys planning the next great party, redecorating her home, exploring new cities, getting in a fun and challenging workout, and spending time with her family and friends.

fun facts:

  • I began my college career pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management. However, I found that I would best be able to serve myself and others with a different skill set, and made the switch to Business Finance.
  • I’m one of the pickiest eaters you’ll ever meet! Chicken tenders from the kid’s menu? Yes, please!
  • I’m always looking for ways to challenge myself physically! I ran long-distance track in high school, and today enjoy lighter runs, cycling, and life as a yogi. I’m very proud of my handstand skills!

organizing hacks:

  • Keep it simple! In an ideal world, everything would be perfectly folded and put away at all times, but the reality is, we’re often lucky to get the laundry done at all. Set yourself up for success by being realistic about the systems that will truly be sustainable for you and your family. Give yourself some GRACE, it doesn’t have to be perfect at all times or during specific seasons of life.
  • Set up a donation bin in your home! Add outgrown clothes or unused items  to this bin, so you can easily make a donation run when you’re ready—giving back to yourself and others.
  • Your home might just benefit from its very own “lost + found!” Having a designated location for all the left-behind items that need to go back to their owners, will keep lost items from piling up on your treasured surface space.

favorite products:

  • A lazy susan! Both divided and non-divided styles can instantly up-level a variety of spaces in your home.
  • A beautiful basket, or two, or 20! I just love a great basket—it not only provides much needed storage, but it can also provide the perfect decorative touch to your favorite spaces.
  • A trash bag! Let’s face it, we all have TOO much stuff. On a weekly basis you’ll find me walking around my house with a trash bag in hand, tossing out unusable and unneeded items. This routine provides me with a sense of accomplishment and creates a more calm environment for my household.

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