LOVE your Home: Organized Closet Edition

LOVE your Home: Organized Closet Edition 2560 1709 Shannon Hruska

An organized closet can make your day start out on the right foot. It’s more than pretty hangers, rainbow organized clothing & pretty photos on Instagram. Organizing & streamlining brings a sense of calm allowing you to utilize your space to its fullest potential. That’s what we’re here for! Our team of organizers are experts in enhancing our client’s spaces with beautiful products & attainable organization systems. Check out a few of our favorite closet projects from our incredible team:

The Luxe Closet

Karlee Alves, owner of 2B Organized® Sacramento, organized this beautiful home for a client. Every space is gorgeous (there are amazing solutions ALL over this house!) but we are OBSESSED with the closet. The attention to detail in the room design gave Karlee an incredible space to work with.

Before anything was organized in this closet, Karlee sorted the client’s clothing by type (long dresses, tops, bottoms) so that everything has a place. The glass front cabinets keep this client’s precious items clean & dust free without hiding them from view. The use of drawers throughout the space is genius for sweaters, workout clothes, seasonal clothing, etc. The floor to ceiling design takes advantage of all able square footage available in this space. From pretty items to practical everyday items, everything in this custom closet has a designated place!

The Bright White Closet

This next closet is a bright space (hello huge window!) that made for a great blank slate for our team. Amanda Stehl & Deb Farnell, owners of 2B Organized® St. Louis, organized this beauty. Our organizers LOVE to use these matching velvet hangers in projects & it makes a serious difference. Visual clutter is real & these hangers create a uniform space allowing the client to see their clothes rather than being distracted by mismatched hangers. BONUS: the hangers are slim which gives your clothes space to breathe.

Okay, enough about hangers. My real favorite thing in this closet is the custom dresser in the middle! It provides a HUGE space for folding, hanging & keeping this space organized. It also provides deep drawers for sweaters, jewelry, workout clothes, seasonal clothes & more! LOVE!

The purse & shoe displays on the shelves show the client all the accessories that they have to choose from. So much better than hiding them in bins or on the top shelf where the client can’t see them. Pro Tip: In order to keep the purses upright & on display, Deb & Amanda filled each purse with Ziploc bags filled with air. GENIUS!

The High Tech Closet

Oh my goodness, this one!! Alyson Rhoads & Erica Zajaczkowski, owners of 2B Organized® Western Colorado, organized this incredible closet. Talk about dream project!

Let’s get this out of the way, obviously we LOVE the tech (see it in action here) but our girls in Western Colorado chose product to enhance this incredible design. Matching hangers & smart organizing truly enhance the tech in this space. Using black velvet hangers was an inspired choice allowing the clothing & pretty cabinetry to be the focus. Let’s also talk about the laundry machines in this space. This client can easily go straight from dryer to hanger. That is innovation at its finest!

The Small But Mighty Closet

Okay, I get it. Not every home has a big, walk-in closet. The good news is that our team of organizers can organize & create functional closets no matter the size.

This closet is compact but Kari Moore, owner of 2B Organized® Austin, packed in functionality in spades. Starting with the ubiquitous cube storage, Kari gave it a high end, luxe look with the addition of beautiful bins with leather handles. On the shelf above, she utilized closed storage for her client’s small knick knacks. Drawers with clear fronts put things out of sight but not our of mind! Once again, velvet hangers streamline the space even more & provide a spacious set up for this client’s clothing.

An Organized Closet is All About Maintenance

The BEST part of each of these closets is that our team of organizers created systems that their clients can easily maintain. Organization begins with a system. Staying organized requires maintenance of that system. The systems created for these clients is easily maintained every time they do laundry. Everything has a place which makes staying organized a no brainer!

Are you ready for the closet of your dreams? Our team of professional organizers are experts in choosing the right products, decluttering the space & setting up organizational systems for every client & every space. With locations across the country, we are prepared to help you make your home more functional, practical & easy to maintain.

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