4 Ways to Batch-Work Back to School

4 Ways to Batch-Work Back to School 1536 2049 Shannon Hruska

Getting back to routines after summer vacation can be painful and chaotic. Getting organized before school starts will remove stress and chaos from your mornings. Our best tip? Complete tasks at the same time by batch working. Batch work means completing repetitive tasks all at once instead of daily. By doing a task once per week (or month or year!), you save yourself lots of time physically (and mentally!). Use our tips to make going back to school easier on you and your family!

1. Pick the Outfits

Determine what your kids will be wearing BEFORE the week begins. There is nothing worse than kids waking up late and moving slowly as you’re trying to get them fed, dressed, and out the door on time. On Sundays, help them select all outfits for the week. Karlee Alves, owner of 2B Organized® Sacramento, purchased 5 of these for each of her kids. Containing each outfit makes each morning a breeze for you, your kids, your spouse, the nanny, or the family member who is helping them get ready for school. Taking the guess work out of each day makes for a smooth morning for all!

2. Prep the Lunches

Making lunches every single day can be a time-drain, especially when the lunch menu doesn’t change much. Add lunches to your agenda for Sundays too. Clean out lunch boxes from the prior week, prep cold items for the week (cut up veggies, make sandwiches, etc.), and make sure that your pantry is stocked up with snacks, juice boxes, etc. Make it easy on yourself to grab every item for each child’s lunchbox by getting your fridge and pantry organized with containers for your kid’s favorites.

Take a look at your calendar too. Are there any field trips, school parties, etc.? Note the number of lunches that need to be made for each child for each week on your calendar. BONUS! Can your kids help with their lunches? If your kids are old enough, ask them to help pack their lunches for the week. Small responsibilities are so rewarding for kids.

3. Make Homework a Breeze

We see this all too often, children have a desk in their bedrooms yet they default to the kitchen counter for all their homework and leave supplies EVERYWHERE. Designate a countertop, cabinet, or drawer and store all the homework essentials (pencils, erasers, rulers, tape, markers, etc.) in that area. Make sure it is easily accessible by all of your kids so that they can be responsible for putting the items away when they are finished. We LOVE this container for school supply storage!

4. Prep your Calendar

PRIOR to the new school year. Pour yourself a glass of wine, tea, coffee, or anything else that brings you a little joy and designate 30 minutes to organize your calendar. Print the school calendar for each kid and add every single event, minimum day, week off, etc. onto your calendar. Share your calendar with your spouse, nanny, and grandparents so everyone is on the same page. If you use a digital calendar, share important dates with everyone in your circle that needs to know. If you use a paper calendar, give the printed school calendar to everyone who helps with your kids throughout the year. Highlight the important dates that each person needs to know.

Bonus! Check the Spirit Day themes (if they’re listed) and add items to your Amazon and Target carts to prepare for those outfits. When those days come, you’ll be happy you avoided the “night before scramble” to find the perfect Spirit Day accessory.

Living an Organized Life is All About Maintenance

Creating systems that are easy to maintain is the name of the game. Staying organized requires maintenance of that system. Taking the time each week to maintain these areas will make your week so much smoother.

Need help getting systems in place to reduce your school year stress? Our team of professional organizers are experts in choosing the right products, decluttering spaces, and setting up organizational systems for every client and every space. With locations across the country, we are prepared to help you make your home more functional, practical, and easy to maintain.

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