The Digital Declutter—We’re canceling all of our unwanted subscriptions and you should too!

The Digital Declutter—We’re canceling all of our unwanted subscriptions and you should too! 1920 2560 Shannon Hruska

Now that the chaos of the holidays has ended and 2024 is beginning, we’re looking forward to the decluttering months. Who are we kidding? Every month is a decluttering month! Seriously though, the beginning of the year really has us in the mood to clear the clutter and start fresh. And we’re starting with a digital declutter!

Digital clutter leads to a cluttered mind just like a cluttered home contributes to a cluttered mind. So we are starting our year by clearing out the digital clutter!

Digital Declutter - Cancel subscriptions and hit unsubscribe

1. Hit Unsubscribe On All Those Annoying Emails

Most people generally fall into two camps when it comes to emails—those with 0 unread emails and those with hundreds, even thousands of unread emails in their inbox. Now, which one are you? How many emails do you get a day? How many do you actually want or need to receive everyday? 

My inbox is constantly clogged with emails announcing sales tempting me to “add to cart.” They’re all prompting me to order things I don’t need! Hit unsubscribe and remove that daily clutter from your inbox (and mind!). We promise that you will not miss all those daily emails clogging up your inbox and distracting you from the important emails.

2. Cancel Your Unused Subscriptions

Magazines, streaming services, apps, etc. All the small charges add up over time! There’s no way you have the time to watch every streaming service you’re subscribed to. When’s the last time you cracked open all the magazines you are subscribed to? What about all those apps on your phone? Sure, they’re only $12-$15 each but those charges really add up over time. Check your bank account for all your automated payments and dump the ones that aren’t serving you or your family anymore.

3. Say Goodbye To All The Monthly Subscription Boxes

We get it. It’s so exciting to get those subscription boxes every month (or every quarter) with fun new products, exciting new books, an endless supply of razors…the list goes on. I’m guilty of this one. For years, I had a monthly book subscription. At first, it was exciting. But as time went on, all I had was a huge pile of books I wasn’t interested in. Canceling that one felt so good! 

Now I satiate my book fix by checking things out from the library. It’s free and returning books to the library is like a mini declutter day every time!

Don’t Forget To Take Your Time

This is a lot to do at once. Set small goals for yourself. Make a plan to complete your Digital Declutter by the end of January. You will not regret it! 

Need more help with these tasks? Our team of organizers across the country is uniquely qualified to help you declutter your life in a myriad of ways. Contact us today to schedule your organizing session. We can’t wait to work with you!

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