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Krissy Frewin


Krissy is energetic and extremely motivated to share her love of organizing with her growing list of clients in Kansas City! At a very young age, Krissy realized her passion for organizing as she constantly re-arranged and cleaned her room. Her passion carried over into her adult life, but she never quite knew how to turn this love into a career…until now. She brings a level of fun and warmth everywhere she goes. Her clients love her and continually say how grateful they are for her skills as well as her charm.

Krissy graduated from Missouri State University in 2014 with a degree in Entertainment Management. While she loved working with brides and planning weddings and events at her former job, her true passion was the organization of it all. She loved making 2-do lists and crossing off tasks that she accomplished for each unique event. She understands that no job is cookie-cutter, that every client is unique in their specific needs and she will work with them to create a pretty AND practical space!

Krissy lives in the heart of Kansas City with her husband, Ryan, their daughter, and their dog. She enjoys being mobile and being able to help clients in both Kansas and Missouri.

fun facts:

  • My friend’s moms used to love having me over when I was a kid. My favorite game was cleaning up their rooms!
  • We have a doggo named Bear who we are absolutely obsessed with. Check out my Instagram and I’m sure you’ll see one too many pictures of him!

organizing hacks:

  • Don’t feel like you have to use organizing products for their intended use. Instead, think of fun creative ways you can use the acrylic egg carton for sorting kids’ beads or use a spice drawer organizer for organizing your nail polish.
  • You don’t have to buy all new bins to be organized. If you are on a budget, use what you have! Empty boxes with a sharpie label will work just fine for containment of your categories until you decide to swap out with new bins and pretty labels!

favorite products:

  • I am obsessed with Joy Mangano’s velvet hangers. They are seriously a miracle in the closet! Not only do they create a TON of space, but they also make everything hang neatly and uniformly.
  • I REALLY love the water hyacinth baskets from The Container Store! They come in all different sizes and are versatile so you can really make them work in any space.
  • Bamboo spring loaded drawer dividers from The Container store are my saving grace in kitchen drawers. They neatly contain utensils and they save valuable drawer space!

words from my clients:


  • Krissy collaborated with Phil and Briana of Grays Photography to organize their office. See the Before and After here!
  • Krissy collaborated with Jen of A Little Dose of Jen to organize her closet. See the Before and After here!

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