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Care for your Home with our Annual Home Maintenance Checklist 1800 1200 Shannon Hruska

Care for your Home with our Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

Hi! Shannon here, Executive Director of 2B Organized®. Over the past few years, I’ve learned so much about all the little stuff that goes into maintaining your home from the amazing professional organizers that I work alongside & I wanted to share some insight. After renting for 16 years, my husband & I finally took the plunge into home ownership a few years ago. While I love having my name on the mortgage, I never realized how much time went into maintaining…

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Photo of a beautifully designed and organized guest room by 2B Organized.
Prepare your Guest Room for Holiday Guests 2560 1707 Betsy Miller

Prepare your Guest Room for Holiday Guests

There’s nothing better than feeling at home when you’re away from home. When you’re expecting guests, take time to prepare your guest room for visitors in a way that will show them how honored you are to host them in your home. Of course, you want to provide the obvious: a clean & uncluttered room with a comfy, cozy bed. But how can you go even further to provide a stay that feels luxurious & welcoming? Elevate your guest’s experience with our tips…

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White kitchen with white backsplash organized by 2B Organized Sacramento.
De-stressing the Decluttering! 2560 1703 Shannon Hruska

De-stressing the Decluttering!

Look, we get it. Tackling the project in the first place is hard but it’s even harder to manage your emotions & stress while actually doing the project. Sometimes we feel more like therapists than professional organizers because we are so accustomed to helping our clients manage the stress of ridding their home of unnecessary items.  De-stressing the Decluttering is Hard! So, how do we do it? How do we help you quell the stress, stop the nagging feeling that…

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Shelby Brandon 2B Organized Denver franchise owner and professional organizer adds a decanted jar of pretzels to a shelf.
Fun Changes in Denver! 2560 1707 Betsy Miller

Fun Changes in Denver!

What an exciting announcement to make! After successfully opening a second location in Denver, Krissy Frewin, of 2B Organized® Kansas City, has sold 2B Organized® Denver to her lead organizer Shelby! We are thrilled with this change of ownership. Krissy found a real treasure when she hired Shelby. Now the transfer is official so we wanted to share it with y’all. Meet the new owner of 2B Organized® Denver! Shelby is the perfect addition to our 2B Team. Organizing is more than just a…

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Hilary Liermann 2B Organized Orlando Florida franchise owner and professional organizer.
Announcing Orlando! 900 600 Betsy Miller

Announcing Orlando!

Orlando Florida…are you ready 2B Organized? Our newest franchise owner, Hilary Liermann, is ready to declutter, simplify & label each & every household in Orlando!!  Hilary is so much fun & has an eye for detail. She can visualize a better system for a space within minutes of seeing it. And we all know a system is key for organization! Please help us welcome Hilary to our 2B Organized team! xoxo Betsy

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