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How 2 Get Started! 2560 1707 Betsy Miller

How 2 Get Started!

Everyone wants the inside scoop on any kind of “How 2”. Isn’t that the whole reason Google & YouTube exist? If you want to know how to do something, those are the top 2 places you’d go to find out the answer.  Well, now you can add 2B Organized to that list! We are the experts on all things organizing, move management, space design, event planning, senior transitions & MORE. Are you stumped on “How 2 get started”? We have a list for you!…

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Alyson Rhoads & Erica Zajaczkowski 2B Organized Western Colorado Franchise Owners
2 Chicks & A Label Maker! 900 600 Betsy Miller

2 Chicks & A Label Maker!

Hahahaha! How about that title? These girls are already ROCK STARS & they haven’t even “officially” started yet. Western Colorado will never be the same when these 2 get going! Alyson & Erica are dynamic, driven & so excited to bring 2B Organized to The Centennial State. Their strengths compliment each other in a way that is going to make for a strong & successful franchise location. Welcome to the 2B team, Alyson & Erica!  Xoxo Betsy

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Kristin Switzer 2B Organized Tulsa Oklahoma Franchise Owner
We’re comin’ for ya Tulsa! 900 600 Betsy Miller

We’re comin’ for ya Tulsa!

We’re so excited to welcome Kristin Switzer to our team! She is going to organize Tulsa in a way they’ve never seen. She’s actually happy to travel all over the Sooner State if you need her. Kristin is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Her attention to detail will make your space pretty, practical & perfect! She has already hit the ground running with a move management project as well as several pantries & closets. Welcome to the 2B team,…

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Kinli Gieber 2B Organized Little Rock Franchise Owner
We’re Growing! 900 600 Betsy Miller

We’re Growing!

There are so many things that I love about growing our team!  As you can imagine there are the usual reasons… Being able to serve clients in different markets Growing our brand recognition  Watching each new franchisee succeed But one of the best parts is that I get to meet the most amazing people, who I never would have met & we get to work together! Case in point, Kinli! She impressed me right out of the gate. She’s extremely personable,…

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Megan Neyer 2B Organized Southwest Missouri Franchise Owner
How To Easily Make Someone’s Day! 900 600 Betsy Miller

How To Easily Make Someone’s Day!

It wasn’t the compliment I was expecting. Normally if a client is complimenting me, it’s about how wonderful their space looks after I leave! (I don’t mean to brag, but I really do know what I’m doing!) And normally a compliment doesn’t come when you meet someone for the first time.   I introduced myself & my team, we exchanged the polite “nice to meet you” responses & the first thing she says after that is, “I read your blog & I have…

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Megan Neyer 2B Organized Southwest Missouri Franchise Owner
Who Knew? 900 600 Betsy Miller

Who Knew?

It started with a simple DM through Instagram.  “Hi! Are there ever any opportunities to join your team?”   I responded the next day with “Let’s visit.” And the rest is history! Megan Neyer started working for me part time. Big projects or assisting me on jobs. We had a LOT in common—we love dogs, happy hours & inappropriate humor. She fit in with my team because of other commonalities too—great work ethic, integrity & a love for helping people.   After 2 years of being my…

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Betsy Miller shares her story of becoming a professional organizer
How It All Started! 900 600 Betsy Miller

How It All Started!

I remember it just like it was yesterday. I marched right into the living room from the kitchen & announced to my grandmother, “They’re putting things away where they don’t belong & they won’t listen to me because I’m little!”   Spoken like a true professional organizer at the ripe old age of 4. The delivery was very dramatic.  Visualize this…big blue eyes, blonde pony tails, cute little dress (with a matching apron JUST like Rosie’s that was made for me by…

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How to clean and declutter your kitchen starting with the refrigerator
The Covered Refrigerator 900 600 Betsy Miller

The Covered Refrigerator

There have been a LOT of blogs, ideas & Pinterest pages dedicated to the INSIDE of the fridge, which is great & oh so helpful. But before the inside can be seen, it’s the outside that is front & center. And oh dear, it’s a hot mess!   Kid’s “Art”—I’m using that term loosely. Invitations—That party was 2 years ago! Calendars—Great idea in theory but you never kept it up did you? Coupons—Long since expired. Photos—Who are those kids anyway? I know what…

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Favorite organizing products from 2B Organized
Love is in the Air 900 600 Betsy Miller

Love is in the Air

Hey y’all….it’s that time of year! When love is celebrated with hearts, chocolates & champagne 🥂  Our love language is all about baskets, bins & adorable organizing products. There’s just something about having a place for everything that makes our heart skip a beat. Are we the only ones? Having a place to put away that favorite bottle of wine just makes us love that wine even more! SO…without further ado, here are some of our very favorite things alongside a favorite…

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How to declutter and organize your home by 2B Organized
Everything isn’t a “Keepsake” 900 600 Betsy Miller

Everything isn’t a “Keepsake”

OK….be honest. Have you started? Ya know, with that whole “I’m getting organized this year” thing? Don’t feel bad, everyone does it. It’s in the top 3 New Years Resolutions…getting organized. But what does that mean exactly? Are you going to spend a ton of money on bins to put things in, never to be seen or heard from again? Because if that’s the case, that’s not organizing. That’s indecisive with hoarding tendencies. Take off your emotional hat & put on your logical hat when you’re dealing…

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