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How to clean and declutter your kitchen starting with the refrigerator
The Covered Refrigerator 900 600 Betsy Miller

The Covered Refrigerator

There have been a LOT of blogs, ideas & Pinterest pages dedicated to the INSIDE of the fridge, which is great & oh so helpful. But before the inside can be seen, it’s the outside that is front & center. And oh dear, it’s a hot mess!   Kid’s “Art”—I’m using that term loosely. Invitations—That party was 2 years ago! Calendars—Great idea in theory but you never kept it up did you? Coupons—Long since expired. Photos—Who are those kids anyway? I know what…

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Favorite organizing products from 2B Organized
Love is in the Air 900 600 Betsy Miller

Love is in the Air

Hey y’all….it’s that time of year! When love is celebrated with hearts, chocolates & champagne 🥂  Our love language is all about baskets, bins & adorable organizing products. There’s just something about having a place for everything that makes our heart skip a beat. Are we the only ones? Having a place to put away that favorite bottle of wine just makes us love that wine even more! SO…without further ado, here are some of our very favorite things alongside a favorite…

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How to declutter and organize your home by 2B Organized
Everything isn’t a “Keepsake” 900 600 Betsy Miller

Everything isn’t a “Keepsake”

OK….be honest. Have you started? Ya know, with that whole “I’m getting organized this year” thing? Don’t feel bad, everyone does it. It’s in the top 3 New Years Resolutions…getting organized. But what does that mean exactly? Are you going to spend a ton of money on bins to put things in, never to be seen or heard from again? Because if that’s the case, that’s not organizing. That’s indecisive with hoarding tendencies. Take off your emotional hat & put on your logical hat when you’re dealing…

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2B Organized is so grateful for their clients and wishes everyone a happy new year.
2021 is Going 2B a Wonderful Year! 900 600 Betsy Miller

2021 is Going 2B a Wonderful Year!

Happy New Year friends,  Our team would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year! Our hope for you is that 2021 will be joyful, fun, prosperous & healthy for you, your friends & your families. We want to THANK YOU for your amazing support all these years. You make us feel like we don’t go to “work.” We truly love our clients. It doesn’t matter if we’re helping with a closet, pantry, a move or a senior transition, we LOVE what…

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Enter to Win! 900 600 Betsy Miller

Enter to Win!

*This giveaway is closed. You WON!  What do I mean you ask?  Well, those words might very well be coming your way. How does a $100 Visa gift card sound? For those of you on social media (who isn’t these days?) here’s the deal…FOLLOW us! We’re on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest! If you’re not already following us, you’re missing out on tips, tricks & a whole lotta fun! So, back to the MONEY! If you follow ALL of our platforms, you’ll be entered to win a $100…

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Kari Moore 2B Organized Austin Texas franchise owner and professional organizer
Look out, Austin!! 900 600 Betsy Miller

Look out, Austin!!

We have arrived! We have a real live beauty queen on our team! Yes, you read that right! We’re so excited to welcome Kari Moore from Austin, TX to the 2B Organized family. Fun fact about this darling Texan…she was the First Runner Up in the Miss Teen San Antonio pageant! How fun is that? But don’t think for ONE second that she’s just a pretty face. She is smart, talented, driven, & ready to get Austin organized! Kari is committed to serving the Austin community offering…

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What is the question all professional organizers hate to hear?
What If? 900 600 Leslie Norman

What If?

Leslie Norman, the author of this post, is the owner of the 2B Organized Branson, Missouri, franchise. Also known as Tetris Queen, MacGyver, and the master “shusher,” Leslie is an integral part of the 2B Organized team! As an organizer, the excuse of “What if?” is NOT a reason to keep an item. My clients try (emphasis on try) to justify keeping things for this very reason.  What if I need 6 crockpots at one time? What if I lose weight and can…

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Spring is the best time of year to get your home organized with 2B Organized's team of professional organizers.
Think Spring 900 600 Betsy Miller

Think Spring

Think Spring! That was a saying my Grandaddy used to always say when things weren’t going well. He had such a great way of turning the negative into a positive.   This has been such a crazy time for everyone & I do mean everyone. Over the last several weeks, it’s been such a roller coaster ride of highs, lows, & everything in between. Welcoming spring has been a sight for sore eyes indeed! I feel like I can see the light at the end…

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FREE…Did you say FREE? 900 600 Betsy Miller

FREE…Did you say FREE?

Why, yes. Yes I did. What’s the catch, you ask? NO catch, we just want to help!   It’s been a crazy time lately & we wanted to give you something that we hope will make you happy!   Since you’ve been stuck at home, it’s probably become even more clear to you that you might need some, ahem, help. You might have asked yourself a few questions. Where did all this stuff come from? Why are all my winter clothes jumbled in with my summers?…

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Tips on staying organized for at home schooling from 2B Organized.
Homeschool—The New Normal? 900 600 Betsy Miller

Homeschool—The New Normal?

Wow…what a drastic turn of events, huh? I’m placing my bets that none of you Mamas & Daddies thought you’d EVER be homeschooling your kids! Yet, here you are so let’s make lemonade out of lemons (throw a splash of something else in if you need it!) and step up your organizing game for success! Here are some tips for all of you putting on the teacher hat at home these days. I know you can do this, those little stinkers are counting…

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