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2 Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered 900 600 Betsy Miller

2 Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered

Ok, this is just a start really. There’s a LOT more than 2 things that make your home look cluttered. I thought I’d break it down into more manageable numbers so you don’t get overwhelmed. Start with these categories to achieve a more simplified look in your home! 1. Too many picture frames Let’s be honest. Even your own kids wish that picture from their awkward teenage years that you have displayed prominently on the mantel would disappear. You may think it’s cute, they…

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St. Louis…we’re comin’ for ya!! 900 600 Betsy Miller

St. Louis…we’re comin’ for ya!!

Of COURSE we would open 2 new locations at once in the same awesome town!  We’re 2B Organized & 2 is our jam!!! 🤣 Y’all, we are SOOOOO excited to now be serving clients in St. Louis with 2 amazing new franchise locations. Next blog will be ALL about ANOTHER St. Louis franchise location we’ve added! Because 2 is better than 1 when it comes to helping STL get organized! Our newest franchise owners are eager to declutter STL in true 2B, pretty…

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No Drama Here Folks 900 600 Betsy Miller

No Drama Here Folks

There was no drama.  No big breakup, temper tantrum or meltdown. Nope, none of that. We don’t roll like that here at 2B Organized. The truth is, Johnna & her family moved back to South Carolina so they could be closer to family & her husband took a better job opportunity. Win win for them. For us…not so much.   BUT…we still have our FAVORITE ginger on board at 2B Organized Branson. In fact, she just renewed her contract so she’ll be decluttering, managing moves & labeling…

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Pumpkins, Falling Leaves & Festivals…Oh My! 600 436 Betsy Miller

Pumpkins, Falling Leaves & Festivals…Oh My!

Fall is my FAVORITE time of year.  The leaves changing, cooler temperatures & the promise of all things pumpkin make my heart flutter! 

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Today, I Cried. 825 551 Betsy Miller

Today, I Cried.

An excerpt from Chapter 1 of the book I’m writing about my experiences as a professional organizer.

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Bye, Bad Hair Days 2560 1707 Betsy Miller

Bye, Bad Hair Days

You’re probably wondering how organizing and hair go together.  When your space looks like a hot mess, then chances are your hair does too!  Then you get all organized and wham bam, you are one Hotty McHotterson!

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Mad Men 399 213 Betsy Miller

Mad Men

Entertaining in the Mad Men era.. oh, what would it have been like? Fancy crystal decanters full of gin, bourbon & whiskey just waiting to quench the thirst of the guests attending Jack & Kitty’s latest cocktail party. Jack is tending bar offering up some of his specialties… an Old Fashioned, a Manhattan or a Martini. Kitty has assembled her beautiful silver trays on the dining room table full of finger sandwiches, smoked salmon mousse and caviar canapés. Circling into…

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We’re Shakin’ Things Up at 2B Organized 1024 577 Betsy Miller

We’re Shakin’ Things Up at 2B Organized

Hey y’all, how are you? I’ve got soooooo much to tell you I don’t even know where to start! Things at 2B Organized and in my world have been CRAZY, but in a good way. 2B Organized has added 2 new locations & I became business partners with 2 awesome people. I’ve been working on my book, starting the barn at Dixie Hill Farm & wrapping up my 4th & final year as the President of the Springfield Police Foundation.…

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Happy Fall Y’all! 800 533 Betsy Miller

Happy Fall Y’all!

I’ll admit, this is my FAVORITE time of the year! Especially living here in the Ozarks–it’s absolutely gorgeous here. The cool weather, the colors and the GAZILLION trees in our region are stunning and of course, it’s that time of year that can hide a few extra pieces of pie. (wink, wink). Do you know that it’s also another season? Or really, the pre-season (for most). No, not football. Not Christmas. It’s pre GLITTER Season. Yeah, I coined that phrase.  It’s about 2B full on glitter. Everywhere.…

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Kansas City…are you ready 2B Organized? 150 150 Betsy Miller

Kansas City…are you ready 2B Organized?

Hey KC!  There’s a new Girl Boss in town and her name is Krissy Frewin. The newest addition to the 2B Organized team is an organizing genius! She’s smart. She’s FUN. She’s young and adorable. Krissy has an AMAZING work ethic and the best part…she loves dogs!!!! DECLUTTERING – Yep, she’ll help you with that! MOVING – No problem. Krissy will handle ALL the details of your move! Packing, securing the movers, unpacking, stocking the new frig, clean sheets on…

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