Who Knew?

Who Knew? 900 600 Betsy Miller

It started with a simple DM through Instagram. 

“Hi! Are there ever any opportunities to join your team?”  

I responded the next day with “Let’s visit.” And the rest is history!

Megan Neyer started working for me part time. Big projects or assisting me on jobs. We had a LOT in common—we love dogs, happy hours & inappropriate humor. She fit in with my team because of other commonalities too—great work ethic, integrity & a love for helping people.  

After 2 years of being my right hand gal, she’s now a franchise owner on our team! 2B Organized Southwest Missouri is our newest location with Megan leading the way. She has big plans for serving many areas in the Ozarks that need our help. She’s going to crush her goals & I’m so happy she has taken this step to be a part of our fast growing, amazing team!

Learn more about Megan Neyer & help me welcome her 2 the 2B Team!!