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Megan Neyer


Having grown up in Aurora, Missouri, Megan is a lifelong resident of 417. Aside from two years away for college, after which she “boomeranged” back to Springfield. Megan’s heart belongs to Southwest Missouri. She loves the ability to combine her passion for organizing and helping others to serve her clients.

Megan graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Music Business. She worked in the banking industry for 12 years before she found her path to become an entrepreneur in the professional organizing industry. As an organizer, Megan loves to help her clients find pretty and practical solutions for making life easier. She also enjoys specializing in vacation home turn-down services.

Without knowing it, Megan has been an organizer since she was a kid. She remembers her first “job” being for her grandmother, Honey, who wanted her to organize a list of library books she had read and create a catalog of them. Honey paid Megan for her services by giving her the first four hardcover Harry Potter books. There were only four out at the time and those books hold a special place in Megan’s home.

Megan lives in Springfield, MO, with her two dogs, Macie and Callie. They spend almost every weekend in the summer at Table Rock Lake. She also enjoys live music, patio happy hours, and spending time with her family at the farm.

fun facts:

  • I love learning about cleaner, safer living (beauty products, household cleaning products, food, etc.).
  • I had an internship with Luke Bryan one semester while living in Nashville.
  • My Top 5 Strengths (Gallup Strengths Finder) are: Activator, Futuristic, Achiever, Discipline, and Arranger.
  • I’m a past President of the Rotaract Club of Springfield.
  • I’m an early bird. Preferred work out time: 5 AM

organizing hacks:

  • File Folding. You can nearly double the amount of space in a drawer if you utilize file folding.
  • Donate. Donate. Donate. Say goodbye to your unused/unwanted items and let them seek their happiness elsewhere.
  • Discard old packaging. One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to make your space beautiful is to get rid of packaging. Take items out of the box/plastic and display them nicely.

favorite products:

  • Drawer organizers! They help turn a messy junk drawer (yes, I know you have one) into a functional multi-purpose drawer.
  • Museum Gel/Glue Dots. They help hold drawer organizers in place, so they aren’t sliding around when you open/close the drawer.
  • Matching hangers. It’s amazing how clean and tidy a closet will look just by matching all of the hangers.
  • Turntables. Lazy Susans make the world go ‘round.

words from my clients:

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