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Christmas Card Chaos 600 450 Betsy Miller

Christmas Card Chaos

They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere! Each day it seems like the mailbox is jammed with more and more of those thoughtful Christmas greetings from loved ones, long lost family members AND your dentist. Oh what to do with all of them? Who knew these little cards could cause such angst? 2 Display or not 2 Display How about setting a limit on the number of cards you display? Every year it seems like more and more come through the mail. If…

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What is a turkey roaster?! 304 219 Betsy Miller

What is a turkey roaster?!

Ok, I’ll be honest, I thought turkey roasters were sandwiches.  So imagine my confusion when a client asked me “Where/How should I store my turkey roaster?”  Hmmm, I thought.  I usually store mine in my belly, along with the chips and tea I throw down with it. Who knew?  A turkey roaster is actually a GIGANTIC pan to cook your Thanksgiving turkey in.  Good to know.  It’s quite a set up and can come in various shapes/sizes with all kinds…

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