We’re Shakin’ Things Up at 2B Organized

We’re Shakin’ Things Up at 2B Organized 1024 577 Betsy Miller

Hey y’all, how are you? I’ve got soooooo much to tell you I don’t even know where to start! Things at 2B Organized and in my world have been CRAZY, but in a good way. 2B Organized has added 2 new locations & I became business partners with 2 awesome people. I’ve been working on my book, starting the barn at Dixie Hill Farm & wrapping up my 4th & final year as the President of the Springfield Police Foundation. Oh, and I just turned 50. WOW! My husband & BFF surprised me with an amazing party with everyone & everything I love, including 2 baby goats! Yes, you read that right! You don’t have goats at your parties? Hmmm…that’s lame. hahaha

Anyway, I’m excited to get back in the swing of things and I’m committed to doing more writing this year. Soooo…WHAT do you want to read about? I really want to hear from you. Will you give me a shout out on social media with your requests? More funny stories? Organizing tips? Excerpts from my book? Franchise locations updates? I really want to give you what YOU want…you’re my people after all!

So, until I hear from you, I’m gonna start by introducing my new business partners. They are, in a nutshell, the absolute BEST! Can’t wait to hear from you.


You’ve heard it before, right?

  • Change is hard.
  • People don’t like change.
  • Change isn’t always good.
  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Yeah, I’ve heard them all too and agree. BUT… we’re CHANGING anyway! And it’s ALL GOOD!

I’m so happy to announce that 2B Organized® has welcomed 2, yes 2 (come on, you know I’m obsessed with 2, duh) 2 new Executives to the TEAM! I’m pretty sure if you look up power couple, their picture will be beside the definition.

John & Karlee Alves are among the “Who’s Who” in the Northern, CA business community. They join this team with over 15 years of business experience. The excitement and passion they have for growing 2B Organized® is a breath of fresh air! We’ve been working hard for the last 6 months to make this vision come true and it’s finally happened. Thank you for letting me share my excitement with all of you.

Here’s just a little about John…

John Alves is the Chief Operating Officer of 2B Organized®. He’s an experienced leader with a passion for building businesses. His strong entrepreneurial background has led John down many successful roads. John has worked in the healthcare industry where he co-founded Precision Home Care and grew it to become a multi-site operation throughout Northern California.

John is a born leader with a strong desire to learn all he can about people and how he can help them develop into successful professionals with passion and integrity. His positive personality is contagious and anyone who meets him walks away feeling like a friend.

John holds a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Chico. In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports, lifting weights and spending time with his wife Karlee and two adorable daughters.

…& John’s better half (hee hee) Karlee…

Karlee Alves is the President of 2B Organized® . She is extremely ambitious and very excited to share her lifelong passion for organizing in the Northern California area! While growing up, Karlee vividly remembers going over to her best friend’s house and reorganizing her parents’ pantry and kitchen. She also remembers reorganizing her bedroom frequently and color-coding her closet and hangers. Karlee was born with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and always knew one day she would own her own business.

Karlee graduated from California State University, Sacramento and worked in the insurance industry for several years. Most recently though, after committing to self-reflection and therefore discovery has decided life is much too short not to pursue her passion! After many hours of researching various options in the professional organizing space, Karlee found Betsy—the rest is history! She not only has opened her own location in Northern California, but has also jumped on board as a member of the executive team.

Karlee currently lives in El Dorado Hills, with her husband John, two daughters; Aubree & Claire and their dog, Jax. In her free time, she enjoys planning the next party, re-decorating her house, running, cycling and spending time with her friends and family!

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