Dogs = Love

Dogs = Love 1825 1217 Betsy Miller

I love my dogs, no question.  But just like kids, they seem to come with a lot of “stuff”.  Which obviously, I’m not a fan of.  One of the most cumbersome items they come with are crates.  They’re big, bulky and ugly.

They are an evil necessity with our K9 family members. So here are three quick tips to incorporate them into your space.

1. Built ins. If doing custom isn’t in your budget, simply remove the middle shelf in a lower cabinet and replace the door panel with chicken wire. Toss in their favorite blankie and you’re good 2 go.

2. Double trouble. Choose a furniture piece such as an end table that is also a crate. There are several end table options out now that serve with double function. You know I LOVE a #PrettyandPractical solution!

3. Cover it up. Throw a cute quilt over the ugly crate when not in use so it’s hidden!

If none of these options work for you, remember this: Embrace what is and LOVE your furries!!!!!

  • I have five big-ish dogs and although we dont use crates ever, some of these ideas would be great for us to use to give our cats their own extra spaces where the dogs couldnt fit!

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