Top 3 Organizing Mistakes

Top 3 Organizing Mistakes 740 1020 Betsy Miller

I wanted to share the top 3 organizing mistakes everyone makes as well as a few solutions to make organizing your home a breeze. Don’t get me wrong…there is no “right” way to organize.  There are many different ways to get to the end result of an organized space.  However, as a professional organizer, I’ve seen my fair share of mistakes people have made trying to #getittogether.  Bless their hearts, I just don’t think they know any better!  So, I’m here to save you from making those same mistakes and maybe even save you from yourselves.

Top 3 Organizing Mistakes

1. Buying organizing supplies first. Has NO ONE ever heard the saying “Putting the cart before the horse?” Well, same thing. Don’t buy ANYTHING until you purge the space!

2. Getting caught up in where your discards are going. Just let things go. There are thousands of charitable organizations out there whose sole purpose is to help others. They are all worthy of your donations. Make it convenient for yourself and take to the nearest location. Or even better, call one who will do FREE pickup!

3. Thinking that once a space is complete then you’re all set. If you remember that organizing is a process and not a destination, your long term success will be higher! Do something everyday that ensures your “stuff” doesn’t get out of control ever again!

xo- Betsy