Betsy Miller

2B Organized® Home Office Owner

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Betsy Miller is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 2B Organized®, which was started in 1997 in Springfield, MO. She not only oversees the company as a whole, she also runs her own location which is where it all started.

Betsy likes to reference that she was country when country wasn’t cool. The vision for this company was in her long before things like Pinterest, social media, and the show Hoarders were even around.

Since 1997 (yes, she’s the OG of organizing!), Betsy has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of clients declutter, demolish, and design their spaces to reflect a simplified space that is pretty and practical. She has an eye for detail with a positive attitude for helping her clients “lighten their load.”

Her organizing style and approach have definitely changed over the years. Something that has never changed is her commitment to helping her clients let go of the clutter. She is always saying, “less is more, let it GO!”

After all these years, she still can’t wait to go to work everyday. Betsy truly LOVES what she does for a living and that’s a huge part of why she franchised her company. She wanted others to experience the benefits of being an entrepreneur and getting paid to do something they are passionate about.

Betsy lives in rural Missouri in her dream home (Dixie Hill Farm) with her husband Randy and their dogs. Taking her years of expertise, Betsy and Randy built Dixie Hill Farm complete with the most perfect organizing systems.

Springfield, Missouri

Katie Henderson

2B Organized® Home Office Owner

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Katie Henderson is the co-owner of the 2B Organized® Home Office. A lifelong entrepreneur, Katie is dedicated to helping her clients live a pretty and practical life.

Never one to shy away from a new adventure, partnering with Betsy came along at the perfect time in Katie’s life. She had owned a very successful salon for 13 years but wanted to use her skills to make a bigger impact on her client’s lives in their homes. Helping clients by making a difference in the way they live is Katie’s goal.

Truly a jack of all trades, Katie is the master of decluttering and reorganizing her client’s spaces. If you’re moving to a new home that’s a better fit for you or your family, Katie is your girl. Moves & Relocations and Life Transitions & Downsizing are 2 of her specialties!

Katie lives in Springfield, MO with her husband, Brian, their 2 children, and their adorable dog. Brian, is the owner of We Haul MO and is an integral part of the 2B team. Often, you can find him on Katie’s jobs helping get rid of the clutter so that she can create a functional space for her clients. Together, she and her husband also own and operate a fruit business, Bootheel Produce. When she’s not hustling, you can find her cruising Table Rock Lake on a pontoon boat with family and friends.

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Betsy + Katie’s favorite organizing hacks:


Every pantry needs a lazy Susan! They are a great way to utilize corners efficiently as well as keeping small spaces tidy.


Containing items in a basket not only makes things more organized, but baskets also bring in a nice design aspect. All roads lead back to pretty and practical!


Less is more! Let go of anything that isn’t serving you or your space.

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