Living on Tulsa Time!

Living on Tulsa Time! 900 598 Betsy Miller

Living on Tulsa time!

What a joy!  Helping a darling graduate student make her apartment more functional, less cluttered and most importantly, more homey!  One of my favorite things to do is to go from …House2Home.  I’m not bragging, but I’m good at it.  I love the art of finding homes for “stuff”.  The art of knowing what needs to stay and what needs to GO, and using my experience and expertise to find all the right products to make a home shine.  Most of the time, my clients already have the right products, they just didn’t know it.

For example, did you know that a muffin tin makes a great organizer for hair ties, barrettes and bobby pins? That same tin is awesome for small office supplies like thumb tacks, rubber bands and paper clips. Did you also know that over the door shoe organizers are amazing for mittens, snacks, beauty products? The list is endless!

Most people think you have to reach a certain age to need a professional organizer.  But that’s simply not the case.  While it is true that the older you are, you’ve had more time to collect clutter…oh sorry, I mean treasures.  BUT, everyone can benefit from being organized and having less clutter in their lives.  I was so honored to help this young woman start off her “adulting” journey with a system that works.  Helping her go through her things and determine what is truly meaningful and what she could let go of.  And then making it all work in her space.

Here are some tips I left with her:

  • One in. One out.  New shoes?  Old pair must go.  New jeans. Out with a pair.  New dishes…you get the idea.
  • Set up a donation station.  That way, when you adopt tip #1, you have a system in place.  When the bucket is full, off to charity it goes.
  • Logical organizing.  Kitchens are for food prep and eating, not for dusty knick knacks and stacks of mail. (Lose the knick knacks and set up a desk area in a corner of the living room or a designated room for mail/business)
  • Bedrooms are for sleep and relaxing, not for piles of dirty laundry and backpacks.  (Dirty laundry to utility room and backpacks on hooks in entry, garage or back entrance).