Christmas Card Chaos

Christmas Card Chaos 600 450 Betsy Miller

They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere! Each day it seems like the mailbox is jammed with more and more of those thoughtful Christmas greetings from loved ones, long lost family members AND your dentist. Oh what to do with all of them? Who knew these little cards could cause such angst?

2 Display or not 2 Display

How about setting a limit on the number of cards you display? Every year it seems like more and more come through the mail. If displaying them is your thing, then work it into your decor, but don’t let it overpower the room. See our lovely example here (imagine Vanna White showcasing this upcycled frame with Christmas cards…no you cannot buy a vowel).

Once the current cards are displayed, you can begin to trade them out when a new one pops up in the mail. This way you get to enjoy each greeting for a short period but don’t end up with a family room full of Christmas cards.

Upcycle, Donate or Bye-Bye!

Okay, okay… can we just get real for a minute? It’s a wonderful thought but no one needs another craft project nor has time for it. And donating a used card to your nearest day care or senior center thinking they will use them for crafting, is just easing your own guilt. Don’t make your clutter someone else’s clutter.

Read, Smile & Recycle

GASP! I promise you the heavens won’t come crashing down if you simply read the card and send it on its way without displaying. As long as its message gave you the warm fuzzies, then the sentiment was received and their matching sweater efforts did not go to waste.

Do not feel the need to keep cards past December 25th. Yes, those are your loved ones in that beautiful, glossy photo or that “awkward family photo.” Those are EPIC! Gaze right… told ya so. Sing it with me now…LET IT GO…LET IT GO!