Mackenzie Oyler
St. Louis, MO

Mackenzie Oyler


Mackenzie is thrilled to bring 2B Organized® to St. Louis! She’s excited to tackle the clutter & help the people of STL live a more stress-free life. While being organized is always beneficial, Mackenzie’s love of organizing truly paid off when she & her family moved twice in the last 2 years & were able to sell both homes in a single day! She knows that by having an organized home, it significantly helped the sales & streamlined their moves.

She knew she wanted to somehow organize & decorate for a career but didn’t know how to get started. It wasn’t until making the move from Michigan to St. Louis in 2019 & talking about her passions with a friend, that Mackenzie was introduced to 2B Organized®. After speaking with Betsy & Krissy, she knew that 2B was exactly the opportunity that she had been looking for!

Mackenzie is a self-proclaimed “homebody.” She loves to entertain family & friends, whether it be for a night or a weekend visit. She strives to help clients reach homebody status & feel their best in their own space by first helping them get rid of the clutter! Mackenzie believes people feel more at ease when there is less “stuff,” & things are in their designated place. She will be the one to help clients shape their homes to be a calm, cozy, pretty & practical space.

Mackenzie graduated from Missouri State University in 2012 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She lives in St. Charles, MO with her long-time love, Ryan, their daughter, Delaney, & their cat, Boots. She enjoys doing projects around their home; organizing, decorating, painting & pinning ideas for future projects.

Fun Facts!

    • I’m a bookworm. I read/listened to 35 books in 2019. Always have a book on hand.
    • I only need coffee on days ending in Y.
    • I know how to give a spray tan.
    • I ❤️ fuzzy socks.
    • I was a 2007 Basketball State Champion—even if I did sit on the bench.
    • Donuts. All the donuts.
    • Cats are my favorite of course.

Organizing Hacks

    • Go through your mail on your walk back to the house! Recycle/throw away immediately so that mail stack doesn’t grow into an intimidating pile.
    • Clean out your refrigerator once a week before trash day.
    • If you don’t love it, then lose it! It might become someone else’s favorite thing!

Favorite Organizing Products

    • Color coordinated Rubbermaids for storing seasonal décor! This way you’re organized AND festive!

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