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Joanne Hinde 2B Organized Kansas City Missouri Franchise Team Member
Lead Organizer

Joanne Hinde

Meet Joanne Hinde, Lead Organizer for 2B Organized® Kansas City. Joanne is originally from St. Joseph MO. Her husband also grew up there & they were in the same preschool class together, isn’t that the sweetest? Joanne loves living in KC with all the fun the city has to offer while still being close to her hometown.  

Lake Viking is Joanne’s happy place. She & her husband spend as much time as they can there. She’s also obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy (she is currently rewatching the whole show for the 4th time!). If she could choose one thing to eat for the rest of her life, it would definitely be ice cream. This is the reason she’s such a great fit with our company…haha!

Landing the lead organizer position with 2B Organized® Kansas City  is her dream job. Joanne is passionate about helping clients live their best life by simplifying & implementing organizational systems.

Randi Blacksten 2B Organized Kansas City Missouri Franchise Team Member

Randi Blacksten

Introducing Randi Blacksten, Organizer for 2B Organized® Kansas City. She is new to the Kansas City area & she cannot wait to dive right in & meet lots of new friends. Randi is originally from Springfield, MO, & she is so excited to be a part of the 2B Organized® team!

Randi is a coffee fanatic & never starts her day without a cup…or two. When she’s not working, Randi loves dancing (Luckily, not many have to see her dance moves!) & cooking in her kitchen with the speakers all the way up. She also enjoys being outdoors & traveling with her husband, & she is always ready for an adventure.

Joining the 2B Organized® Kansas City team is a dream come true for Randi. She believes no one should live in clutter & cannot wait to help others meet their organizational goals!

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