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Leslie Norman goes by many titles with her clients…from Tetris Queen to MacGyver to master “shusher.” Over the years, organization was the key to finding balance so she could make time for the people & things that matter most. She is excited to share this skill with the Ozarks. Leslie gives 110% to every client. She thrives on helping clients simplify so they can focus on what really matters. Leslie & her team are passionate about their clients find balance. All services offered by Leslie & her team are top notch, but her move management skills are UN-matched!

Leslie graduated from Kansas State University in 1999. After almost a decade as an engineer & do it all mom of two toddlers, she made the shift to full time Mom when her family moved to Springfield. Fast forward another almost decade (& one more child!), Leslie found herself with three kids in school feeling that pull for something that could add value to her family & others. Enter 2B Organized®!! 

Leslie lives in Springfield, MO, with her husband, three children & three dogs. Along with volunteering at her children’s schools & the PTA, Leslie has previously served in roles of coach & troop leader. Leslie teaches Pilates, is a master seamstress & a pretty good home chef! She enjoys hosting get togethers, traveling & spending quality time with family & friends.

Fun Facts!

    • I love to travel with & without my kids. The experiences gained from our travels together are memories that will last longer than 2 extra paperweights in my house. (Spending money on experiences instead of “stuff”)
    • My favorite gifts are experiences.

Organizing Hacks

    • 75% of what comes out of the dishwasher should live within 2 steps. 
    • Use vertical space in the garage & storage rooms using wall mounted hooks & shelving.  I especially love wire rolling shelves.

Favorite Organizing Products

    • Woven baskets for closets, they don’t snag clothes. Plastic baskets for the pantry are so easy to clean.
    • Bin labels. I love making custom ones for my clients.

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