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Megan Neyer is the owner of 2B Organized® Southwest Missouri. Without knowing it, Megan has been an organizer since she was a kid. She remembers her first “job” being for her grandmother, Honey, who wanted her to organize a list of library books she had read and create a catalog of them. Honey paid Megan for her services by giving her the first four hardcover Harry Potter books.

In adulthood, Megan is especially skilled at helping her clients with projects big and small. Who are we kidding? No project is small! Using her analytical skills as a former banker, Megan is able to help her clients find pretty and practical solutions for making life easier. From organizing your kitchen to moving you to a new home, Megan is here for you.

Not only can she help you in your home, she also specializes in vacation home turn-down services. Because nobody wants to arrive at their lake house with a list of chores. From stocking up the house to taking care of shutting everything down for the season, Megan can help with it all!

Megan lives in Springfield, MO, with her two dogs, Macie and Callie. They spend almost every weekend in the summer at Table Rock Lake. She also enjoys live music, patio happy hours, and spending time with her family at the farm.

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Megan’s favorite organizing hacks:


File Folding. You can nearly double the amount of space in a drawer if you utilize file folding.


Discard old packaging. One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to make your space beautiful is to get rid of packaging. Take items out of the box/plastic and display them nicely.


Donate! Say goodbye to your unused/unwanted items and let them seek their happiness elsewhere.

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