2 Things I Learned While Building Our Dream Home

2 Things I Learned While Building Our Dream Home 900 600 Betsy Miller

It took awhile.  Some things are worth waiting for. 

Dixie Hill Farm was worth the wait, 100%! 

Over the last 25 years in business, I’ve walked through the process of building with many of my clients.  What a great learning experience for me to prepare for building our own home.  All the Do’s & Don’ts I learned along the way.  In the coming months, I’ll be sharing more of my experiences of building that I hope will be helpful!

Here are the first 2 things I learned:

  1. Be prepared to become the clean up crew. Yes, you read that right.  It’s not glamorous but oh so necessary.  We were on site every day to keep the site & the building cleaned up.  Sometimes I was really annoyed about it but I also didn’t want our beautiful place to look like the local dump.  Don’t assume others will care about your place as much as you do.  I know, disappointing right?  
  2. Be decisive. The reality is you just can’t mull over decisions for too long for many reasons.  Building is not the time to become wishy washy.  I’m a decision maker, but my husband isn’t.  That made for some interesting “discussions.”  The more you can decide on before you ever break ground, the better, trust me. 

So there’s just a few to get you started.  I have a LOT more that are bit more technical that I’ll share with y’all soon.  Do you have questions about your upcoming build?  If you do, feel free to shoot a message over, I’d be happy to help!