What If?

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Leslie Norman, the author of this post, is the owner of the 2B Organized Branson, Missouri, franchise. Also known as Tetris Queen, MacGyver, and the master “shusher,” Leslie is an integral part of the 2B Organized team!

As an organizer, the excuse of “What if?” is NOT a reason to keep an item. My clients try (emphasis on try) to justify keeping things for this very reason. 

What if I need 6 crockpots at one time? What if I lose weight and can finally fit back into those mom jeans? What if I need a random cord that doesn’t go with anything in the house but it still might work?

And don’t even get me started on storage units! You guessed it, not a fan. In my experience, it’s where things go to die. However, storage units can serve you well for temporary solutions. I used one as a holding zone when we listed our small home for sale. A storage unit can be an interim solution for many situations. Did you get the one word in that sentence that was the KEY word?  INTERIM.

When a storage unit is the solution, ALWAYS plan for the “What if?” Recently, an out of state client had the “What if?” of water damage happen to her storage unit…along with 60 other folks, including our CEO, Betsy. My client called my team for recovery & relocation to a new unit after the roof was ripped off during a storm. (Betsy is building a new home & the storage unit was housing furniture & building materials for her new house)

Here are some tips that I hope will help:

  • Take pictures of the contents & condition of the unit.
  • Make an inventory.
  • Store items in sealed plastic tubs. (Our client had a few without lids or cracked sides, and guess what? It was a pond in each tote. We recovered as much as possible by setting up a drying station.)
  • Use vertical space. Get items off the floor with shelving. These are a 2B Organized favorite.
  • Plastic tarps & covers work great for protecting items. Make sure they are secure & covering your items properly so water can’t seep in or become a collection area.  
  • Gun storage. Cases are great for transporting, however, they will hold moisture. I suggest cleaning & storing in sealed bags with desiccant packets

When my client texted me, “I am finding you a life saver for me!” It made my day. I love being her person…let me know if you need one too!

Leslie Norman