Senior Transitions – Where do I start & who can help?

Senior Transitions – Where do I start & who can help? 900 600 Betsy Miller

Who wants the china? Who gets the silver? No one in the family even wants all this “stuff,” now what? What do we do about all these photos? Can we donate the furniture? How do we prepare the house to sell? I live out of town, how can I go through all this stuff?  

I’m thinking you’ve asked yourself these questions before. They come at a time that is already emotional & challenging. There comes a time that our parents & aging family members need our help to transition & downsize their belongings & home.  

It’s interesting isn’t it? We start our adult lives with very few possessions & small living arrangements. We spend many many years accumulating, upsizing, accumulating some more & then…time to get back to the beginning. Simplify. Less stuff. Less square footage. Less to manage. Getting back to basics with more living & less stuff!

Did you know that 2B Organized offers the amazing service of helping families through this transition? We do! We help downsize the current home to lessen the impact clutter can have on safety. If a family member is downsizing to another location, we declutter, pack, & move them to set up a new home for ease & comfort. And if someone has passed away, we take care of all the details for dispersal & logistics of the home & possessions. Our team has helped hundreds of families through this journey. 

We are so honored to help families through a time of life that can be difficult.  We bring experience & knowledge to these types of projects & would love the opportunity to help you or your loved ones.

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