No Drama Here Folks

No Drama Here Folks 900 600 Betsy Miller

There was no drama.  No big breakup, temper tantrum or meltdown. Nope, none of that. We don’t roll like that here at 2B Organized.

The truth is, Johnna & her family moved back to South Carolina so they could be closer to family & her husband took a better job opportunity. Win win for them. For us…not so much.  

BUT…we still have our FAVORITE ginger on board at 2B Organized Branson. In fact, she just renewed her contract so she’ll be decluttering, managing moves & labeling for a minimum of the next 5 years. YAY! She is now officially the sole owner of her location.

Leslie Norman brings so much to our company & we’re so lucky she’s part of our team.  

  • That girl can pack more donations into her car than anyone I’ve ever seen!  
  • She’s the female MacGyver.  I’m always so happy when we’re on a job together & something has to be put together, fixed or hung up because she can DO IT ALL!  
  • She is the first to bring coffee, lunch or whatever sustenance you might need for the day (maybe even a cocktail if you ask nicely 🤷🏼‍♀️🥂)
  • Volunteering is part of who she is & she works tirelessly on each of the MANY committees she serves on.

Another thing that Leslie has excelled at is building her OWN team. She manages her team like a BOSS! She oversees many projects & people all while juggling the demands of family life, & trust me, that family is busy. They’re very involved in sports & civic activities as well as enjoying lots of traveling.  

While Leslie is wonderful with all of the services she offers, she absolutely KILLS IT when she’s doing move management. Y’all keep that in mind next time you’re moving!

Thanks Miss Leslie for all that you do for 2B Organized. We are so grateful for you!



Learn more about Leslie Norman and her skills here.