Bye, Bad Hair Days

Bye, Bad Hair Days 2560 1707 Betsy Miller

Let’s Talk Hair & Organizing!

Ok, let’s talk. You’re probably wondering how organizing and hair go together. Well, if you’ll look at the photo you can see why. When your space looks like a hot mess, then chances are your hair does too! Then you get all organized and wham bam, you are one Hotty McHotterson!

Step 1: Get Rid of All the Crap

It’s not complicated.  If you have hair spray bottles that are empty & shampoo that you don’t like, pitch!  And please don’t tell me you still have banana clips or scrunchies from the 80’s…please don’t.  Sing the song “Let It Go” as you happily unburden yourself from those things!  Be picky about what you keep.  If you really love it and it makes your hair AMAZING, keep it.  If it doesn’t, say buh-bye.

Step 2: Consolidate

If you have several of the same item open, consolidate them all into one bottle.  And if you have lots of like items that essentially do the same thing, start using that up & go with just a few awesome products. 

Step 3: Organize Your Tools

Keep the things you use daily front & center while the curling iron you only use for “fancy” nights out, can go to the back of the cabinet.  And frankly, I’d say just get rid of those “fancy” nights out tools anyway.  Treat yourself next time and run by your favorite studio for a fluff & buff so you don’t even need to OWN those items.

Step 4: Reorganize

Like items with like items. Grab yourself some bins~baskets~lazy susans~cord savers and get to work dividing items into categories.  Put daily used goodies at the front & rarely used stuff toward the back.

Step 5: Develop a System

When you get new stuff, re-evaluate the old.  Keep things moving so your space doesn’t end up looking like an episode of Hoarders! (Which, by the way, I’ve worked on before…oh the stories!  But we’ll save that for another day).

Final Step…

Bask in your organized glory & treat yourself to a hair spa treatment complete with a glass of champagne. YOU deserve it!