Mad Men

Mad Men 399 213 Betsy Miller
Entertaining in the Mad Men era.. oh, what would it have been like?

entertainingFancy crystal decanters full of gin, bourbon & whiskey just waiting to quench the thirst of the guests attending Jack & Kitty’s latest cocktail party.

Jack is tending bar offering up some of his specialties… an Old Fashioned, a Manhattan or a Martini. Kitty has assembled her beautiful silver trays on the dining room table full of finger sandwiches, smoked salmon mousse and caviar canapés.

Circling into the driveway in their ‘57 Chevy Bel Air are the first guests to arrive, Si & Rosie. He’s dressed in a navy-blue sport coat with 4 button cuffs. She is dazzling in a red damask dress that is below the knee and embellished around the neckline with little glass beads. And of course, her lipstick matches her dress.

Si has brought the latest Frank Sinatra record and Rosie has worked all day on her famous Ambrosia Cake. It has been delicately placed on her Mother’s crystal cake plate.

Back to Reality

entertainingOk. Ok. Snap out of it, this isn’t actually a Mad Men episode!

This type of party and entertaining really did happen. In some ways it sounds glorious and in others it sounds a little, well… exhausting.

Honestly, I’m not someone who entertains a lot. Sometimes I want to be that girl. If I could pull off a cocktail party like Rosie or Kitty used to, I might consider it. But that got me to thinking. When I do, in fact, entertain, I treat my home in the same way that they did.

I make my home inviting. I get the good stuff out… you know, the decanters and trays!

And really, I don’t just wait until I have people over, I use those things in many different ways in my home. I also use them a LOT when I’m working with clients.

Pretty Without the Price

entertainingDecanters & trays can take the most mundane items and turn them into a “thing.”

Bottle of whiskey with the labels torn off OR beautiful decanter of whiskey?

A bunch of “stuff” on a counter OR a tray of lovely items that are used on a daily basis assembled on your Grandmother’s antique tray? You have now turned it into something that you’re honoring her with.

I’m quite certain she didn’t leave you those things, so they could be hidden in bins in your basement labeled “Gramma’s Good Stuff”. Do you see where I’m going with this?


These items, that were once a staple in homes in the 1950’s are still VERY wonderful solutions to making a house into a home. #House2Home

So, dust off and polish the silver. Wash and shine the gorgeous crystal. And USE it. 

Take everyday living to an extra special place by having some “pretties” be part of your organizing and decorating solutions.

Make Rosie and Kitty proud!