My stuff isn’t worth millions?

My stuff isn’t worth millions? 800 400 Betsy Miller

Wait, what???

“No don’t throw that away, it’s an antique!”

“That was my grandmother’s, it must be worth a ton!”

“I saw one just like it on Antiques Roadshow, I KNOW it has value.”

We often hear these sentiments when going through the process of decluttering.

Sometimes buried deep inside storage rooms, garages, attics or basements are collections of “collectibles.”
Regardless, of what you might see on Antiques Road Show, they probably haven’t increased in value OR shocker….they have no value at all!

First rule of letting go is to forget how much was paid for the item. Bottom line, if you no longer enjoy or use it, then it’s time to lose it and “LET IT GO.”  Come on, you all have had the Frozen song stuck in your head before.

After letting things go, the next option is to donate or sell. If selling is an option, Ebay or local consignment shops are your choices.

Ebay is great for researching item values, but more importantly –  to see what items are currently selling. Items only have value if someone is willing to purchase them.

Storage rooms are where one man’s trash (uhm, err, previous treasure) collects dust and adds to clutter. Closets on the other hand usually hide unused gifts, clothing with tags or high-end shoes/purses that aren’t being used anymore.

Worth it!!

1. New sealed box electronics.
2. Collectible trains & specific collectible porcelain.
3. NWT (new with tags) high end clothing.
4. Used designer jewelry and bags.

NOTE:  Still lucky to get 25% of original value, so that’s $125 for a $500 item.

NOT Worth it!!

1. Comic books. Unless you have an Ironman Issue #55, this market is very specific!
2. Collectible figurines (High production items like Hummel, Royal Doulton, Precious Moments, etc.)
3. Used high end clothing.
4. Used clothing, jewelry, and bags.

Signing off until next time as a contributor to the blog. As Betsy would say, “Don’t count on those Beanie Babies to get you through retirement!”