Dear Kansas City, we need to talk!

Dear Kansas City, we need to talk! 1400 720 Betsy Miller

Dear Kansas City,

I like you.  Really, I do.  I want to be friends.  You have so many wonderful qualities that make for a great friendship.  You’ve got a great personality.  You’ve got sooo many fun things to do and see.  Your food is amazing…obviously the BBQ is in a league all its own.  Your quaint Plaza, the shopping, the wonderful homes.

OH, and of course The Container Store! For this organizer, that is icing on the cake. Which reminds me, they are having an AWESOME Customer Favorites SALE right now, check it out HERE!

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure this friendship can blossom.

Why, you ask?

OK, here it goes… your driving stinks!

There, I said it.  

I can’t for the life of me figure out why you’re in such a hurry.  Is there a fire?  Tornado?  Zombies?  What is it that’s making you drive like a maniac?  You know, I grew up just a couple of hours south of you so I KNOW, that here in the southern Midwest, we are NOT in that big of a hurry.  We’re more laid back here, calmer, nicer.  But, your traffic habits would indicate something straight out of…NYC.  You’re driving like those big city folks, not like the sweet fly over town that you are.  Hey, I lived on the east coast for 4 years, so I know how “those” people drive.  But you, KC?  I really thought better of you.

So here are some organizing hints that might make you better drivers and enable us to become really good friends in the future.

My Tips!

  1. Leave early.  Yep, that should be a no brainer, but obviously…
  2. Get off the phone.  Again, a no brainer. REALLY?  Am I REALLY seeing you text and drive?  Come on…you can NOT be that self centered, can you?
  3. Apply your make up BEFORE you leave your house.
  4. Organize your route.
  5. Pick a lane.  Are y’all really that indecisive?  You REALLY seem to struggle with choosing a lane and just accepting your choice.  You seem obsessed with what could possibly be something better in the lane next to you that I AM CURRENTLY DRIVING IN.  You know, the grass isn’t always greener, just sayin.
  6. Employers…maybe you could stagger work times?

Let me know when you’ve gotten your act together so we can make this friendship work.  Because I’m going to be seeing you more frequently because we are ADDING a location in KC!!!!

I’ll be sharing more about that next time.   Since I’ll still be coming up to visit you, I’d like to not fear for my life or feel as if I’m in a NASCAR race. Stay tuned!