Franchise Spotlight – Branson, Missouri

Franchise Spotlight – Branson, Missouri 470 470 Betsy Miller

How We Became 2B Organized Franchise Owners

Written by Johnna Sloop, 2B Organized Branson, MO – Franchise Owner

I have always been a Type A, control freak kind of person. Then, I had children and left the workforce for the first time since I began working at 16 years old. Chaos ensued. The good kind, but chaos still. It was always a bit difficult to feel in control because kids don’t come with an instruction manual and I always yearned for order.

In 2015, I attended a lecture on organization by Betsy Miller, at a local library and a lightbulb starting shining dimly in the back of my head. I even wondered aloud to my husband if maybe Betsy could use an employee. In the summer of 2016, a friend posted on Facebook that 2B Organized franchises were available. The lightbulb turned into a disco ball, and I dragged my best friend, Leslie, with me on this journey to becoming business owners. Leslie and I spent weeks researching and soul searching. We were in constant contact with Betsy—asking questions, meeting with her, working with her. We both had families and other commitments and worries about being able to juggle it all. But, Leslie and I have always been committed and ambitious. In October of 2016, we signed the papers and were officially 2B Organized, Branson.

Betsy Miller is a force y’all. She has built a business from the ground up and has been doing her thing for over 20 years. I have never had a “boss” that was so invested in my success. She sees her franchisee’s success as a reflection of all the love and hard work she has put into the 2B Organized brand. So we started out with everything we needed to be successful.

Of course since I’m an organizer, I’ve made a list!

  • We had training.
  • We had marketing materials and tools.
  • We had a beautiful webpage and social media support.
  • We shadowed and learned the tricks of the trade.
  • We had weekly one-on-one support from Betsy, so we could learn more.

I won’t lie to you, starting a business is hard. Your self-esteem suffers at the beginning because you just want people to like you. When the phone is quiet, you start to doubt yourself. Neither Leslie or I are natural salespeople. But, in this business you really don’t have to be. Once people hear what we do, they either want to be us or they need us (or know someone that does) in their lives. When you are passionate about something you can’t stop talking about it. So of course, we told everyone we knew what we had just started! Word of mouth is life to a small business which means we turned into natural salespeople.  

It has now been 16 months. Guess what… we are killing it! Our business is more successful than we thought it would be at this point, or even a year from now. Our clients are happy! Leslie and I are still best friends. I’m still working on that balance in life, but it’s getting there. We work so hard, it has been an amazing boost to my self worth and there is a contentment that comes from knowing that we are helping people. I am proud to own my own business and thankful for the opportunity to be able to do something I love with my best friend.

I am so grateful that 2B Organized came into my life!