Dust Bunny 101

Dust Bunny 101 900 600 Betsy Miller

Do you have a Dust Bunny problem?

Dust bunnies….we all have them, even professional organizers!  BUT, there are a few things we can do to lessen their presence in our lives, welcome to Dust Bunny 101.

3 Tips to Eliminate Dust Bunnies in your Home

1] Can you say awkward? Yes, that awkward space above your cabinets. You know what lives there. Dust bunnies. Take away their habitat! Go ALL the way to the ceiling with cabinets and dress it up with some beautiful crown moulding. Eliminate the space where these little critters multiply!

2] You know what else #1 accomplishes? EXTRA storage space! Win-Win! Extra storage space also gives you the ability to remove items from your space that collect or attract dust.

3] These so called bunnies (they sure aren’t cute like the Easter Bunny), love to cozy up in corners. Maybe they’re putting themselves in time out, I don’t know. Anyway, if you don’t have time to sweep, just take your garment roller and do the corners of your rooms until you have time to do the whole area. #GameChanger

Hope some of these organizing tips help guide your next project. If you are not sure the time is “right” 2B Organized, check out our post “Later is Now” for the extra motivation to get you going, and when in doubt, reach out for the support you need! For more inspiration, tips and more from the daily life of a professional organizer, visit the Facebook page or check out Instagram. Would love to see your organizing successes and failures (because we all have them and at least we can laugh together about it).

xo- Betsy