Me and My Peeps!

Me and My Peeps! 900 600 Betsy Miller

Hi everyone!  I hope so far you’re enjoying “2B or not 2B”!  I have something to admit to you.  I committed the ultimate faux pas.  I didn’t introduce myself or my peeps!  How rude…I’m so sorry.  I assure you that I was raised better than that.  As a nice mid-western southern girl, my Mama did teach me good manners.  I apologize to her and to you for not doing that in the VERY beginning.

I’m Betsy Miller, owner and founder of 2B Organized in Springfield, MO.  I started this company almost 20 years ago.  WAY back when not everyone had cell phones (kinda miss that), the internet was just starting to be a “thing” and no-one had a clue who Justin Bieber was (kinda miss that 2) hee-hee.   And really, this profession was still very new.  I like to say “I was country, when country wasn’t cool”.  For those of you who don’t get that reference, it’s only one of THE best songs EVER by Miss Barbara Mandrell!

I’ve spent the last 20 years helping people.  Whether it was by simplifying their lives, moving them, designing their new space, counseling them (true story), or sharing my gift of organizing with the community, I can tell you with truth, that it’s what I was meant to do.  How lucky am I?

Here are my stats…

  • Married for 21 years
  • Doggie Mom to 4 (don’t judge)
  • Raving Green Bay Packers AND Kansas City Chiefs fan (yes, you can be both)
  • 4th generation Springfieldian
  • Community volunteer – Springfield Police Foundation, Junior League, GYNCA,  and many animal rescues to name a few
  • Springfield Business Journal Woman of Influence and Springfield Business Journal 40 under 40 (wish I could still qualify for that!)

Starting a couple of years ago… franchisor!  What a dream come true.  I am so grateful to share my company with others who can chart their own path and use their gifts to serve others. What other job can take you from designing storage for a million dollar home to helping a client through the stages of grief letting go of her favorite pair of jeans?  Even though said jeans haven’t fit in 15 years, just sayin.  Or from helping the local fire department on a collaborative to combat hoarding to trying to figure out how to get a squirrel out of a clients home.  And lastly, having loads of fun setting up a clients new dream home to having the privilege to help an older couple downsize and go through the “stuff” of their lives.  Laughing and crying with them as they transition to a different stage of life.

So that’s part of my story.  I would love to hear YOUR story.  What do you do?  Who are your peeps?  Are you a dog person?  Cat person? Football?  Kids?  No kids? Married?  Love Pinterest? Despise spiders? Not a fan of carrot cake?  Really, I want to KNOW about you!

Without further ado, I will introduce to you my “peeps”!  What none of them know, is that in the coming weeks, they will introduce themselves more personally to you, our readers.