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Katrina Tettamble – Springfield, MO

Katrina Tettamble
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Chances are, your life could use some organization. When life gets messy, it’s time for 2B Organized to come in and tidy up!

I want to help you blend style and efficiency so that your home (or office) has the needed flow and function. Life will be less stressful and more productive and enjoyable.

Let go of the “stuff” that clutters your life and discover the freedom and manageability when you are ready 2B Organized.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple garage declutter or a full house purge, my favorite part is always the AFTER. At any consultation, I can honestly say that I immediately look past the clutter (the before) and see the kind of pretty, functional space we can create (the after). I love the challenge of tailoring each area to the client and their specific needs. My favorite is seeing the completed space with a happy individual in their newly simplified, stress-free environment.

There is no right or wrong way to organize. I tailor each session to the client and their personal needs. I take the time to get to know each individual and listen to their priorities, likes, dislikes, challenges, and goals. Typically the process involves working with you to go through your space and categorize, purge, and reorganize your stuff. I then set up realistic, simple systems to help maintain the clutter. Finally I do the heavy lifting and take off any donations to local charities providing you with a donation receipt. It’s my goal to make the process as easy, painless, and hopefully as fun as possible.

• I’m married and have a lovable shaggy pup named Honey. Coming home to these two is easily the best part of my day.

• I’m a Missouri native and have a marketing degree from MSU. I’m thankful to spend each day helping clients simplify their lives.  I do NOT miss having a typical desk job!

• I’m a huge supporter of local animal shelters and I’m involved in several groups including Catholic Business Network of the Ozarks, Rosie, and a couple wine — er, I mean, book clubs.

• I love lists. Can you tell?

• In a crazy, chaotic world with so many commitments and responsibilities, I strongly believe that staying organized, prioritizing, and keeping it simple is the key to a less stressful, more healthy life.

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