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Leslie Norman & Johnna Sloop – Branson, MO

Leslie Norman & Johnna Sloop
Leslie Norman & Johnna Sloop417.597.4497

Both Johnna and Leslie are all too aware of the importance of balance. After retiring from the challenges of working mom in their respective scientific fields for a move to Springfield, they found different challenges with growing families while their husbands built careers.

Organization was the key to find that balance and to make time for the people and things that matter most. Luckily, this was a skill set that both had developed in their professions. On this journey, they found great friendships including each other. Their similarities led them to 2B Organized and the passion to help others find their own balance.

Johnna and Leslie have a unique dynamic that allows clients to let it go and get real about their clutter! Helping clients to find that the people and memories are more than items to garner dust and not be enjoyed.

We’ve become pretty efficient move managers but our favorite project will always be the closet! There is an incredible sense of satisfaction in taking a closet from on overcrowded mess to a soothing, beautiful space.

We are an awesome team and have known each other long enough to play off each other’s ideas and suggestions. We either finish each other’s sentences or we read each other’s mind for the next step in the process.  It all flows smoothly and efficiently.

Johnna and Leslie are active in their school & church communities, and passionate about helping children by making client donations matter locally. 2B Organized Branson MO is a member of the Branson Chamber of Commerce and NAPO.

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