Simplicity is just one of many reasons why 2B Organized® is a rewarding franchise opportunity.

Ours is a simple business built on relationships. Since 1997, we’ve built a reputation for quality, professional organizing services. Take ownership in an organizing services franchise—one that recognizes your ability to grow a strong and viable business.  You will realize your potential for success.

Here are five reasons to become a franchise owner:

1. The BASICS of a successful business

By investing in your business, you will have success.  2B Organized® is a low investment opportunity because there is no overhead or inventory expenses and in return, a high earning potential.  If you enjoy helping others, you will find great satisfaction in professional organizing as you allow your clients to simplify and enjoy their lives.  Combine your talents with our tools for success to create the organizing franchise opportunity that fits your needs and your goals.

2. The BENEFITS of a franchise

Years of consistent, high quality performance have made 2B Organized® a successful business in professional organizing.  With a franchise, you will have this experience and expertise on your side.  You will receive training on how to set up your 2B Organized® franchise, how to develop clients and how to cultivate your business.  You will have access to support, resources and marketing tools that will guide you as you develop your own 2B Organized® franchise.

3. A reputable and emerging BRAND

2B Organized® is the first professional organizing business to be franchised and therefore, will become THE recognized brand nationally as franchises are sold.  The ability to be one of the first 2B Organized® franchises provides you with an un-tapped opportunity!

4. A successful and resilient BUSINESS

Repeat clients make 2B Organized® successful and resilient. These hardworking single professionals, busy couples and businesses trust 2B Organized® to make their lives more manageable. To many of our clients, organizing services are essential – creating a repeat client with regular schedules and predictable income.

5. The rewarding work/life BALANCE

A balanced lifestyle rewards you with time to enjoy what you’ve earned. High income potentials without sacrificing family time or favorite activities make 2B Organized® a rewarding organizing franchise opportunity. The simplicity of ownership—you set your schedule, you manage your business—are icing on the cake.  As a 2B Organized® franchise owner, you will be able to enjoy all of your life: professionally and personally.

Please call 417-880-2325 to learn more about 2B Organized® franchise opportunities.  We will send you a packet of information to get you started on your path to success.