Dust Bunny 101

2017-07-12T22:37:07+00:00July 12th, 2017|

Do you have a Dust Bunny problem? Dust bunnies....we all have them, even professional organizers!  BUT, there are a few things we can do to lessen their presence in our lives, welcome to Dust Bunny 101. 3 Tips to Eliminate Dust Bunnies in your Home 1.  Can you say awkward?   Yes, that awkward space [...]

Dogs = Love

2017-06-30T10:37:32+00:00June 30th, 2017|

Dogs = Love I love my dogs, no question.  But just like kids, they seem to come with a lot of "stuff".  Which obviously, I'm not a fan of.  One of the most cumbersome items they come with are crates.  They're big, bulky and ugly. They are an evil necessity with our K9 family members.  [...]

Top 3 Organizing Mistakes

2017-06-12T13:45:25+00:00June 12th, 2017|

I wanted to share the top 3 organizing mistakes everyone makes as well as a few solutions to make organizing your home a breeze. Don't get me wrong...there is no "right" way to organize.  There are many different ways to get to the end result of an organized space.  However, as a professional organizer, I've seen [...]

Later is Now

2017-10-23T14:03:33+00:00May 2nd, 2017|

While many of our clients have different goals to get organized, there are a few things that remain consistent from space to space. Here are the phrases we can count on each 2B Organized session — “I was JUST looking for this!” “I didn’t even know we had that?!” “Hmm…not sure, I’ll get to that [...]

Feeling Crafty

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When your #organizer tries to tell you something in a “crafty” way! #2BOrganized #House2Home Check out all our services… we’re here to help!

Save Money — Hire 2B Organized!

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Could have saved this client some serious cash! What she spent on these “how-2” books would have also purchased four 3 hour sessions with #2BOrganized and we do all the heavy lifting! #Here2Help #2B is waaay better than any #how2 Contact a 2B Organized near you!